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Thursday, October 07, 2004
Shut Up Ed.

Yes! Yes! Oh-My-God-Yeeeeeeesssssss! - The Reviewer has returned!

And what an orgasmic treat we have in store for you today oh-reader - The Reviewer returns just under an hour early to look at "Shut Up Ed" as we ask "Should Ed just shut up?"! (You don't see punctuation like that everyday!)

"Bloging at it's blogiest. Humor, Politics, Pop Culture, all the same crap you can find on 10,000 other blogs, which are probably a lot better than this one."

With a quick round of "If I claimed to be female, I would probably get more traffic..." the blog that is "Shut-Up Ed" comes to the screens of all good bloggers everywhere.

This interesting and frankly down-to-earth voice in the blog-o-sphere is a nice change and so, (whilst the pop-up that offended my browsing could definitely "shut-up"), the self-referential mock-brutalistic honesty is, at least, a healthy display of post-modern cynicism and, (in addition to being more openly mockingly-sarcastic than the reviewer), it is a refreshing change from the barrage of constant Americana-politic that has come my way in recent months.

Me: God, please let me get mauled by a rabid weasel and die in agony.

MINUS: As a web site it looks a little flaky in places.
PLUS: The Effort has been made to point out that these so called "super babes" are often DOG UGLY - Well done!

Revisit: Often.

Layout: 5/10 Standard but unspoiled by silly side bar graphics.
Look and feel: 4/10 Some changes have been made to the template but to be honest it could do with some more Oxy-10 to remove those spots. Plus points for not stuffing up the side bar.
Wit and amusement: 9/10 Plentiful
commentary: 8/10 I can not complain
Extra: 6/10 Tag-board, Heavy linkage care of blog linker and a bravenet affiliate link (+ Counter) but this is speckled with witty side comments which make for a good side bar flow

TOTAL: 64% A superior blog that does not try to get above it's station while still being a good read.

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